13: Cap and Trade Cleaning


Should adult couples—or roommates for that matter—have a chore chart? Probably not—then again, you might be able to get them to perform the more unsavory household tasks if you got stickers involved.

That’s the subject of today’s S.O.S.O.S. How do you divide up the household tasks, especially when you realize there’s one that doesn’t have really clear boundaries?

In other podcast news today, Hanna’s Mom burned something, Sarah Anne Who Is Not At All A Friend has a moldy basket situation, and also, Lindsay Who Is Definitely A Stranger handled a beast of a cleaning task.

Check out the before-and-after here:

Here are some links:

  • Basket Cleaning tips can he found here (from ~hunker dot com~) and here.

  • Easy-Off information is here.

  • We also talked about the Method shower cleaner again, available here.

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Hanna Brooks Olsen