Spotless is a podcast about cleaning

Hosted by Andrew Walsh and Hanna Brooks Olsen


From domestic disagreements to questions about chemicals, we try to help.
We also talk a lot about other stuff, like sponge wands and kitty litter. Reach out:

  • Call the spotline to ask your cleaning questions: (508)-HOW-WASH

  • Follow along on Twitter @SpotlessPod

  • Email your voice memos or regular-ass emails here: SpotlessPod@gmail.com


7: Wrangling Rat Kings And Great Brown Whales

Hanna’s Actual Partner Keith comes on the show this week to talk about how are both very clean people living in a clean world. Keith also teaches us more about cable management AND Andrew finally gets to talk about his ~AMAZING~ Dyson. It’s three vacuums in one! It’s cordless!


6: The Scrubbier Side Of The Sponge

Hanna and Andrew offer their very strong opinions on the Netflix phenomenon Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Hanna also reviews a pair of scrub gloves that a listener asked her to try out, and Andrew answers some very important questions about his favorite cleaning instrument.


5: Out, Damn Spot!

Hanna and Andrew pour red wine onto carpeting to test a listener's stain-removal tip. Did it give them hives? Maybe!

They also help a listener with some sponge-related relationship advice and Andrew’s cat is extremely disappointing.