11: April Scours Bring Clean Showers


This week, we try to help a listener who's HAD IT with cleaning her shower already. Plus, we hear about an April Fool's prank that took an unfortunately messy turn.

Here’s the accompanying photo. Thanks a bundle, Captain Underpants!

Folex April Fools Disaster.jpg

Listen here:

The real star of today’s show is this fetching product: the Method daily shower spray.


Doing a bit of research (this is a hot topic, it seems!) it looks like acids in general can be useful in breaking down or preventing the buildup of soap scum. Method uses lactic acid, but citric acid also appears in a lot of products.

One thing that we talked about was how a DIY cleaner could potentially do the same thing but with less waste or for less money. Pricing it out, though, the Method stuff is only like, $4, which is pretty cheap. Plus, it looks like you can actually buy refill-sized bulk containers of it from Grove! So that’s something to consider.

However, if you want to get really involved, here are the two links we talked about:

  • The Prairie Home Companion (?) DIY recipe that is basically all of the crunchy household cleaners you’d ever need.

  • And here’s Jillee’s recipe, which also includes dishwashing rinse aid as an ingredient, which has like, kind of a lot of chemicals in it.

Sort of varies, I guess, by what you’re looking for.

Also mentioned on today’s show were:

And here’s the clip we watched on Rated C for Clean! FINALLY, ONE WORTH GIVING A GOOD GRADE!

Except for that little ponytail. That gets a strong D-.

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Hanna Brooks Olsen