15: Summer Scrubbers

Here’s a question: What’s the best way to clean off a grill?

Don’t ask Hanna; she doesn’t eat meat and is therefore useless. But Andrew knows! And so does a listener, who shares her tips for turning an old piece of backyard waste into a Brand! New! BBQ!

Hint: It includes CASTILE SOAP!! Well, kind of.

Hint: It includes CASTILE SOAP!! Well, kind of.

Related: We mentioned the DIY oven-cleaner that you can use instead of Easy-Off. That link is here.

Also on today’s summer-themed pod (IT’S MEMORIAL DAY, SEE WHAT WE DID?!), we talk about how to best clean your funky sandals AND we go even deeper into Andrew’s cat litter situation. It’s riveting! Yes really!

PLUS! A hack (!) for Velco (which is actually called hook-and-pile which is very fun to say!) from a listener in Oregon who is somehow NOT related to Hanna.

As always, we want to hear from you! We’re currently working on a show about washing cars, and we ALWAYS love to hear about your cleaning victories, questions, and quandaries. Call us: 508-HOW-WASH. Or you can follow us on Twitter for nonstop (ok, it stops a lot!) fun!

Hanna Brooks Olsen