18: Duvet or Don't They?

Hats off to this episode, chums! Since it’s the All-Star Break (and if you say that just thinking about that does not put the consummate summer banger “All Star” by Smashmouth in your head then congrats, you’re a liar), so it’s to take off that nasty lid and…ponder it.

How did it get so gross? Are you that gross? And uhhhhhh what can be done about it?


In our hat chat, we talked about how to clean (or, in Andrew’s case, “charmingly ruin” ) a ball cap—but the biggest takeaway? Do it! By! Hand! That means a small toothbrush, some kind of cleanser (gentle, please), and maybe a bucket though that is NOT required.

You may also choose to seek out new tools for the job, like this wool brush that I mentioned for my favorite hat, which looks like this and comes from Ebbets Field Flannels.

Ugh it’s so beautiful.

Ugh it’s so beautiful.

Ebbets Field also made a video about how to clean a wool hat and, I guess, they’d probably know.

Andrew had his mind blown by the titular topic of this episode, which was a hack to help get your duvet (or “insert” I guess) into its cover more easily after cleaning. To be clear: THIS IS A DANG CHORE. But thanks to a listener tip, our Scrub Jocks may find themselves Doing A Keith and cleaning the sheets a lot more.

Here’s a Glamour article that gives a visual if you need it.

This could be you but you don’t have little ties on the ends of your duvet.

This could be you but you don’t have little ties on the ends of your duvet.

One big tip, though: Get some ties on your duvet! They are sold with them and many covers have them pre-attached, as well, but you can also just add them on yourself. Our Lady Martha of the Handiness has a tutorial for this if you’re ready for a new craft.

We also talked this episode about ice and Andrew’s passion for it. He’s not alone. Listener Lauren (not related to Hanna) says she loves ice so much she bought an entire machine to make it for her house. We tweeted the video and it’s really very cute!

Finally, we did a Rated C: For Clean where the scene is so obscure that it’s not even on YouTube but the film is called Cold In July and stars Michael C. Hall and Don Johnson (!!!!) so you should probably just watch the whole thing like tonight.

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Hanna Brooks Olsen