19: What's Up, Bra?

At long last, Andrew’s mysterious girlfriend, Genevieve, stops by the studio. And despite Andrew’s frequent protestations that she is the less-tidy person in the relationship, she’s got some good hacks! Specifically, one to do with how to get deodorant stains out of a bra.

In other news, we talked about moths (spoiler: WASH YOUR CLOTHING FROM GOODWILL) and we also heard from a scientist who told us why the bottom ice tray!!!!!


Listen to the episode here:

You’ll also hear riveting—RIVETING!—discussion about washing machine mildew and a new product that Hanna is trying. Plus! Will she commit the ultimate daredevil maneuver and use a single-use product for more that one cleaning concern?


Learn more about the enzyme spray here.

And although we don’t have any sponsors, we sure did mention a lot of products! Including:

  • Megababe, for chaffing and other needs.

  • SodaWax, a Seattle-based natural deodorant company.

  • And Myro, the eco-friendly deodorant that has Andrew sniffing himself at regular intervals.

Next time, we’re looking to do a show about car cleaning. Car cleaning tips, car cleaning questions, tidiness hacks, whatever. Call us: 508-HOW-WASH.

Hanna Brooks Olsen