20: Wax, Hacks, and Dashboard Cracks: How To Unsloppy Your Jalopy!

Here to help you out.

Here to help you out.

Would it surprise you at all to learn that the Scrub Jockeys are a veritable treasure trove of car-cleaning hacks? It’s summertime, the weather is fine—and the sun will be damn sure to show you all the ways that your hot rod is looking a little……….tepid.

We go through a list of “14” (read: NOT AT ALL 14) cleaning hacks and rate them, dive into the best way to clean your car in an eco-friendly way, and hear a tip from Hanna’s Dad. Yes, you read that right—HER DAD THIS TIME. Listen here:

And of course, Andrew spins us a yard or seven about how he used to only get paid $5 to wash the car. He also had to walk uphill both ways in the snow. And did we mention that the car was actually made of two pieces of wood, two round stones, and you had to run with your feet to make it go? Weird times!

Oh, and to answer the age old question, "can you use your friend's butt as a sponge?”, we’ve got the latest installment of "Rate C For Clean." It’s……….not good. Watch it (OR DON’T) here:

And now for some links.

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Hanna Brooks Olsen