23: A False Sense of Sterility

Have you ever laid your eyes on something so beautiful you can hardly stand it? So magnificent that you just want to shout from the rooftops? You’re in love! You’re in love!


Me too.


On today’s pod, I forgot what we’d discussed offline and what had actually been recorded, which lead to a wonderful/weird moment where one of our readers basically read my mind.

Listener Cheryl in Corvallis went to Bi-Mart (I FUCKIN LOVE BI-MART) to rent a steam-cleaner and my god. My. God.


It’s just so beautiful.

Listen to the podcast to hear about how much I love my new steam-cleaner:


We also talk about Naomi Campbell and airplane cleaning. Do you carry wipes? Do you wear a mask? Do you take your life in your hands like Andrew? Here’s that video so you can follow along:


And finally, we got a listener-recommended Rated C for Clean that definitely meets all of our criteria. Montage? Check. Great music? You betcha. Masterfully terrible cleaning? You’ll just have to see! Unfortunately, there’s no YouTube link so you’ll have to kick your sister off of Netflix (just kidding, you should be nice to your sister) and watch it here.

Here are some of the things we mentioned:

This is the steam-cleaner I bought. It’s an investment but A GREAT ONE.

Meliora, who sent us some products and we love them! We didn’t get paid for this or anything, they just sent us a few things to try and, not to spoil the pod, but we were VERY impressed.

Grove, who doesn’t sponsor the show but probably should because we’re obsessed. Seriously. Grove.

As always! We love to hear from you. What are you cleaning? What are you avoiding? What do you need help with? You know the number: 508-HOW-WASH.

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Hanna Brooks Olsen