22: Scrub On, You Crazy Diamonds

Have you ever pulled out a Tupperware (or whatever kind of container people are using in 2019 that are not Tupperware) and realized that it seems to have been…sweating? Oil?



In this episode, we get to a WHOLE BUNCH of listener questions. How do we clean our cleaning gloves? How do you get Dry Erase ink out of fabric? What sort of litter does Professor Bananas (Andrew’s cat WHO IS REAL) take a big deuce in?

Listen to the show here (or on iTunes or whatever):

Plus! A couple of hot tips from listeners. Those include:

And of course, our friends at Jobber have even thrown real! American! Dollars! At us to tell you about their product. Check it out! If only for the photo of us!

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Hanna Brooks Olsen